Ibby’s Chocolate Kitchen

The task:

Originzone were approached by Ibby Southerden to help scale her farmhouse kitchen business specialising in the creation of quality chocolate confectionary.

Ibby originally started tempering and hand dipping chocolates at home to create delicious treats for friends and family; this quickly turned into a passion and Ibby’s Chocolate Kitchen was born.

Our approach:  

We built an easy to navigate e-commerce platform that reflects both Ibby’s Chocolate Kitchen’s rustic roots and her personal approach. It has also had the added benefit of freeing up her time, through process automation and now Ibby can spend more of her time in the kitchen doing what she loves most, creating chocolate heaven.

The site also showcased video content which allows us to bring Ibby’s kitchen into anybody’s home, giving them an unrivalled experience of this most sensory of products as well as Ibby’s unique approach. 

As Ibby’s business grows, we are continuing to build her brand and working to bring her delicious chocolates to as many people as possible.

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