Horizon Recruitment

Horizon Technology Recruitment is a global telecommunications recruitment agency, based in Hong-Kong. Our brief was to design and build a digital platform to help them scale up, doubling their size in 2021.

What we worked on:  

From digital architecture to a fully integrated lead generation system, we initially delivered Horizons new website in 4 weeks. Horizon have proved their business model and are now in the scaling phase of the business, and we were tasked with delivering a design led website in weeks not month. 

Process automation is a key metric and  through digitising their systems we have streamlined previously clunky processes, allowing Horizon to move away from administrative tasks, and focus on client acquisition.  

Our graphic led design allows Horizon to tell their story in an uncomplicated, human way.

Future plans:

We continue to partner with Horizon and adopt a lean ‘Kaizen’ approach to continuous development of their platforms, helping them to really understand their clients, and scale in the most cost effective manner.

– Branding

– Web Design

Mobile Optimisation

– Search Engine Optimisation

– Process Automation

– Hosting