Addicted to chocolate?

Did you over-load on Chocolate this Easter? Apparently in Britain our average chocolate consumption is 11kg a year, about 3 chocolate bars a week, which makes us a nation of chocoholics. I’m struggling with addiction having been working with artisan chocolatier Ibby’s Chocolate Kitchen. The aroma of her hand poured Belgian chocolate, the texture of her homemade fudge, the taste of truffles has all been too much to resist.

Ibby approached originzone to help scale her farmhouse kitchen business. We built an e-commerce platform, and this has freed up her time. Automating order processing, allows her to spend more time in her kitchen doing what she loves most, creating chocolate heaven.

Turning a hobby into a commercial business is a dream for many, here are some of my learnings and top tips from working with Ibby’s Chocolate Kitchen:

  1. Streamline your offering.
    Ibby will make almost any chocolate for you, and her product range was complex. For an online shop to work this range had to be streamlined to be more easily understood, and permit a smooth customer journey. Streamlining the product range has increased the conversion rate and average order size.
    For Ibby we created three different categories: Boxes, Bars & Bespoke. Under each category she standardised box sizes, and added limited edition or seasonal options. This did not limit her range, and streamlined the customer experience.
  2. Identify your USP’s.
    Sometimes your limitations are actually a USP, which was certainly the case for Ibby. The fact that everything was freshly handmade limits her ability to meet peak demand on key dates like valentines, mother’s day and Easter. However, we celebrate this throughout her website as it confirms the exclusivity of her chocolates and builds their desirability. Limited supply is not a weakness in the eyes of the customer, and by celebrating this throughout the website tells an authentic story.
  3. Never let a website rest.
    Ibby’s Chocolate Kitchen has only been live a few weeks, but we have already seen a huge uplift in orders for bars. We believe this is because lots of Ibby’s existing customers didn’t realise she made bars as well. There is so much valuable data that you can get from your site and making sure that you continually analyse and tweak your offering to reflect what your customers are after will ensure they keep coming back again and again. Watch this space for some new products appearing on Ibby’s bars page soon! 
Imagery: Shooting Food Photography


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